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A monthly newsletter rounding up the most exciting updates from the VitaDAO ecosystem.

A monthly newsletter rounding up the most exciting updates from the VitaDAO ecosystem.

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VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 8 August 2022

Longevity PrizeThe VitaDAO Longevity Prize is a collaboration with Foresight Institute and Methuselah Foundation to encourage novel approaches and breakthroughs in the realm of longevity research. One key challenge with current prize models is that academics …


VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 7 July 2022

Community NewsIP-NFT Transfer CeremonyVitaDAO hosted an IP-NFT Transfer Ceremony to commemorate VitaDAO’s third longevity research project funded via IP-NFT🎉. This transfer celebrated the funding of the Evandro Fang lab. The Fang lab is working to identify no…


VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 6 June 2022

DeSci Berlin: The Intersection of Web3 and ScienceVitaDAO assisted in running a two-day Decentralized Science conference in Berlin. At this conference, participants learned about the principles of decentralized web-native collectives and their use to coordina…


VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 5 May 2022

April contained the first VitaDAO crypto meets longevity symposium. The Symposium featured talks from longevity researchers, members from LabDAO and Molecule, and of course, VitaDAO. We had over 300 attendees for the Symposium, and we hope to do this again in…


VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 4 April 2022

2021 Wrapped in VitaDAO Forget about Spotify Wrapped, the rave is all about VitaDAO’s newly released 2021 Community and Treasury Report (aka the enDAOment report). In this report, find a summary of the workings of VitaDAO’s six working groups (Awareness, Long…


VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 3 March 2022

Welcome👋 TLDR: VitaDAO is a decentralized organization made up of individuals from across the globe🌎 working to fund early-stage longevity research. At its core, VitaDAO functions as an ecosystem with three moving parts: the DAO, the researchers, and their IP…


VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 2 Feb 2022

New Year, new you? What we can say with confidence is - New Year, same fantastic VitaDAO. Decentralization of science is taking off and VitaDAO is here to fund more science and spread good vibes while doing so 🥳. We knew we were reaching the masses when John …


VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 1 Jan 2021

It’s officially the holiday season🎄. We are very excited to begin to bring you a monthly VitaDAO newsletter! There is so much going on in the VitaDAO community. By putting things in one place, we hope it will be easier to keep up with all of VitaDAO’s moving …